TWo-Week Classes

If you want the benefit of learning from and with other couples who are also committed to strengthening their relationships, complete your premarital education at one of our two-week classes. This class can be taken while dating or engaged.

TEXAS MARRIAGE LICENSE DISCOUNT: By completing this coaching program as a premarital couple, you can earn $60 OFF + a waiting-period waiver for your Texas Marriage License.

Our two-week classes take place twice a week, and each class is 2 hours in length. You and your love will complete a combination of in-class, group learning coupled with individual breakout practice sessions with one of our educators to learn and practice new skills, plan for the future, and enhance your relationship. We utilize the PREPARE/ENRICH program to assess your strengths and areas for growth as a couple, analyze how your personality (and even your family!) affects your relationship, and provide feedback on how to optimize your relationship to be the best it can be.

We welcome lovers and learners from all backgrounds and in all relationships, and our course content reflects our commitment to inclusivity and respect for diversity.

Your investment in a four-week class includes an assessment for you and your partner, two couple workbooks and other course materials, and eight hours of classroom instruction and discussion with a graduate-level family life educator.

Sound like the perfect fit for you and your partner? Check our calendar for our next two-week class start date and register for a course.
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