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our story

Our journey began with an alarming discovery – an enormous gap in opportunities and services that we couldn't ignore: the absence of non-faith-based relationship education and support available to the couples of North Texas.

We want to fill that gap.

We believe all individuals have a right to learn about cultivating healthy and fulfilling relationships, regardless of race, religion, culture, lifestyle, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

What we do

We offer relationship and marriage education from a social-constructionist perspective using evidence-based practices and curricula. We take pride in being social scientists and relationship experts.

Our combination of education and experience allow us to remain at the forefront of relationship education while understanding the common themes present in all relationships. We strive to offer multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and inclusive education that is respectful of the needs and experiences of all our clients.

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Our Vision

We are committed to being leaders in revolutionizing family life education by bringing it in to the 21st century, and we strive to passionately pursue solutions that fulfill the needs of the couples and families we serve.

We believe in healthy relationships and fulfilling marriages for ALL; therefore, we provide inclusive spaces for couples from all backgrounds to learn and to build community.

Our duty is to help couples build great relationships that are founded in friendship, intimacy, mutual respect, and equality.


Meet the experts.


Payton Birlew, M.S., FLE, Certified Facilitator

Co-Owner & FoundeR

Payton is dedicated to modernizing relationship education by making it accessible and inclusive. She believes in the constantly-evolving construct of marriage and the value of people creating lives together in the pursuit of fulfilment and friendship. Supporting couples as they determine their relationship destiny is her greatest passion.

She graduated in December 2017 with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Family Science. Payton is on track to become a certified Family Life Educator and is a certified facilitator of the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship education program.

Based in Denton, TX.
Phone: (405) 928-9721

Michelle Larva, M.S., FLE, Certified Facilitator

Co-Owner & Founder

She's passionate about empowering couples to create their story and construct their own partnership. Michelle is a visionary in reshaping the modern American ideology of marriage, and deeply believes in the importance of independence and equality in intimate relationships.

In May 2018, she graduated with her Master's in Educational Psychology: Family Science. She completed her thesis on religious and nonreligious couples' sexual health educational needs prior to marriage. Michelle is certified in the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship education curriculum, and pursuing a Family Life Education certification post-graduation.

Based in Denton, TX.
Social: @michelleaino
Phone: (405) 928-9778

Our ONLY Doctrine:

There is no doctrine.

Marriage is a social construct, and with that comes empowerment and freedom to "create your own marriage". We want to help you forge your relationship to be the best it could be.

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