Happy Clients

10/10 would recommend! Even having been together for six years and feeling very comfortable getting married, premarital education through Have and Hold was very valuable to us! It was exciting to sit and talk about “us” and how we see our marriage and life together – each session was a highlight of the week for us.

Even though the material is based on PREPARE/ENRICH, the sessions felt more personal than you would think. Our relationship coach used her professional judgement to determine what topics we could gloss over and what we needed to spend some more time on as a couple and have some more difficult discussions about. We don’t normally discuss our relationship in that much depth with people, but we felt comfortable discussing everything here and felt like there was no judgement cast.

Entering this marriage, we feel more prepared than ever now!
— C + A, Arlington TX
Payton was AWESOME!!! We had so much fun with her and she made us feel very comfortable. My husband and I learned so much about each other during Have & Hold’s relationship education and we still use a lot of the tools that the program equipped us with. We are looking forward to many happy years together at husband and wife!
— Maggie + Austin, Denton TX
Absolutely wonderful experience, we were happy to be able to find secular premarital counseling in DFW. We’re taking away great tool sets for our marriage, and Michelle is a joy to work with.
Our coaching sessions provided a good bridge to be able to talk about a few issues that we hadn’t figured out how to communicate with each other about, and gave us tool sets that we used successfully and will continue to use for the remainder of our marriage.
It was very encouraging to hear that we were on a good path, and helpful to get aid in getting even better. We feel like we have created a great starting point to build a marriage way more beautiful than our wedding .<3
— Nina + David, Carrolton TX