Evidence-Based Practices


OUr commitment:

Have & Hold Family Life Education, LLC is committed to excellence in education and service. Part of this commitment means that we utilize course assessments, materials, and content that is research-based and shown to be effective with the couples we serve.

We are dedicated to our own continued education so that we may consistently bring the best practices and resources to you.

Additionally, we follow the all of the Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Family Scientists as drawn out by the National Council on Family Relations, some of which are highlighted below.

  • We value diversity and inclusivity, which (1) are shaped by our historical, cultural, economic, and social contexts, and (2) strengthen our scholarship and practice. (NCFR, 2018)
  • In our education and services, we differentiate between insight gained from personal experience and knowledge obtained from published theory or research. (NCFR, 1998)
  • We base our teaching content and material of what is appropriate for our clients rather than solely our personal or professional needs or interests, such as a research agenda. (NCFR, 1998)
  • We are supportive of other family scientists and the profession at large regarding the timely sharing of new ideas, theories, evidence, and innovative program developments. (NCFR, 1998)
  • When sharing our evidence-based information, we give proper credit or acknowledgment to the works of others.(NCFR, 1998)