Relationship Coaching | $300


If you’re looking for premarital education and relationship coaching that’s a personal, judgement-free, private experience, then you’ll love our Relationship Coaching (i.e. Premarital Education) program*.

TEXAS MARRIAGE LICENSE DISCOUNT : By completing this coaching program as a premarital couple, you can earn $60 OFF + a 3-day-waiting-period waiver for your Texas Marriage License.

In our program, you and your love will work with us couple-on-one to learn and practice new skills, plan for the future, and enhance your relationship. We utilize the PREPARE/ENRICH program to assess your strengths and areas for growth as a couple, analyze how your personalities and your families influence your relationship dynamics, and provide feedback on how to optimize your relationship to be the best it can be. With coaching, you have the flexibility to choose how you complete your feedback sessions - spread them out over several weeks, or complete your coaching in the course of a few days. Your investment in Relationship Coaching includes an assessment for you and your partner, two couple workbooks and other course materials, and eight hours of feedback sessions with a graduate-level relationship educator.

 Here's what the process will look like after you register:

  1. Schedule the first session!

  2. Take the Prepare/Enrich assessment separately at least 2 days before the first session. It’ll be emailed to you one week prior to the session.

  3. Session 1: We'll meet up at a coffee shop/library/home or virtually, wherever is most fun and comfortable for the first session (approx. 2.5hrs). This is when you'll receive your materials as well as the first portion of feedback & results from the assessment.

  4. From there, you'll schedule the next three sessions (2hrs each) over a time period that works for you.

  5. Your final session will include a wrap up of the curriculum, a marriage framework workshop exclusive to Have & Hold, and you'll get your certificate of completion.

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*Please note: We do not offer counseling or therapy. Our coaches offer preventative and educational services only. Referrals to counselors and therapists can be made. Our services do not replace relationship therapy nor counseling services.


We welcome lovers and learners from all backgrounds, regardless of faith and non-faith orientation, race/ethnicity, sexual and romantic orientation, age, and gender identity. Our course content reflects our commitment to and respect for inclusivity, equality, and diversity.